Devco South – Venezia Las Olas

1999 to 2000

111 SE 8th Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

Condo Development

17-story, 50 condominiums

Opportunity:  Located on the eastern edge of downtown and two blocks north of Las Olas Boulevard activity center, the site had a unique untested zoning and offered unimpeded views over the Las Olas Isles to the ocean.  The site was purchased in late 1998. 

Task:  The challenge was to develop an elegant design for 50 condominiums on 16 floors, to be built on a very small lot which was 20% under water.  More difficult was to secure city approvals for such a building in a very politicized community.  Finally, the greatest challenge was to market this building which was “the first ever” luxury residential high-rise to be planned in the downtown Fort Lauderdale area, marking a new trend for “in-city” living in Broward County. 

Results:  Although all obstacles were overcome and marketing was successfully advanced, the project was opportunistically sold to another developer prior to construction in late 2000 for a substantial profit.

Venezia Las Olas

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