Devco South – Old Progresso Village

2002 to 2004

NW 1st & 2nd Avenues, Fort Lauderdale

Townhouse Development & Construction

34 in-fill Townhouses

Opportunity:  In a strongly rising housing market, only a half dozen blocks from the heart of downtown, a small neighborhood had decayed to a point where 45% of its land had been vacated, and could be acquired for only $3 per  square foot.  Some 50 non-contiguous lots were simultaneously acquired in mid-2002.

Task:  The challenge was to rapidly design and build a community of affordable single-family, one and two-story attached homes.  The strategy chosen was to apply a modular design concept to rapidly trigger significant urban regeneration, and turn around a formerly no-go crime-ridden neighborhood.

Results:  The development became “the first” city in-fill project in South Florida utilizing modular construction methods.  Its community achievements earned the company tremendous recognition and numerous awards.  The $9.5 million project was successfully completed within 3 and a half years.

Old Progresso Village

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