Devco South – Mediterranea On Hillsboro Mile

1996 to 1999

1230 Hillsboro Mile, Hillsboro Beach

Condo Development & Construction

2 buildings on the IntraCoastal Waterway

3-story, 30 luxury condominiums

Opportunity:  The earlier lender to a failed timesharing project had foreclosed on the waterfront vacant land for several years.  Located in a prestigious beach town, the land was zoned for 32 units and was purchased.

Task:  The challenge was its design as a very upscale condominium building considering most units could not view the water.  More difficult was its approval and construction considering the very tight site and elaborate exterior amenities.

Results:  At the time of its construction this project was “the first” luxury low-rise condominium development in Hillsboro beach in 25 years.  While the project was completed within 3.5 years, it was successfully sold.

Mediterranea On Hillsboro Mile

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