Devco South – Lantana Plaza

1991 to 1993

Lantana Road & Jog Road, Lantana

Retail Development & Construction

285,000 square foot power shopping center

Opportunity:  The land was acquired in 1991, only after having pre-leased three major anchor tenants: 110,000 sf to Super K-Mart, 105,000 sf to Builder’s Square and 32,000 sf to Food Lion. 

Task:  The challenge was the efficient design and construction of a large retail “power” center, and its successful marketing.  More difficult was to finance the development of such a retail project in the midst of the RTC real estate crisis. 

Results:  While the project was completed successfully within 30 months, it was successfully sold to a REIT prior to the completion of its construction.

Lantana Plaza

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