Devco South – Berkshire-on-the Ocean

1980 to 1981

1775 S. Ocean Boulevard, Delray Beach

Time Sharing Conversion

2-story, 23 time-share units on the beach

Opportunity:  Completed in 1954 and operated for 25 years as an upscale motel, the owners were ready to retire.  The 23-one-bedroom unit building was acquired in August 1979.

Task:  The challenge was to substantially renovate the ocean-ravaged units and improve the property as a whole.  More difficult was to convert the property into time-share condominiums at a time when it was so new, there was no legislation covering the issue.  Finally, it was to market this new pioneering concept to a public that had never yet heard of time-sharing. 

Results:  While this “first ever time-sharing project in Palm Beach County” took less than 18 months from beginning to end, its sales were completed in only 7 months.

Berkshire-on-the Ocean

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