Devco South has launched a real estate investment pool to make it possible for each investor to buy a larger number of units in partnership with other investors

An ideal solution to seize the best opportunities 

To address the current market as soon as possible with the speed required to be successful, Devco South has launched a real estate investment pool.

This “pool” strategy makes it possible for each accredited investor to buy a larger number of units in partnership with other investors.  Each investor is thus a joint-owner of the portfolio’s real estate assets. 

Moreover, the pool allows its investors to distribute the operation costs over a greater number of units, while enabling investments diversification.  By merging assets into a portfolio, the pool also minimizes the potential for unfortunate consequences should an acquired property turn out to be problematic.

This new strategic pool specifically targets the acquisition of individual units in order to quickly build a portfolio of properties to profit from the expected imminent rebound of values.

A professional organization has been assembled to focus on the specifics needs of this market.  The goal of this pool is to invest its entire liquid assets to assemble a portfolio of residential real estate properties, acquired on a unit-by-unit basis, according to predefined selection criteria as approved by its board of directors.

These individual units are being acquired in the area extending generally from Boca Raton to Hollywood, subject to available opportunities.

Once acquired, these properties are then renovated and immediately put up for annual rental with a view to generate income while waiting for the market to rebound.

By buying properties at substantial discounts, it is anticipated that substantial gains can be earned as their value increases when they return closer to their replacement cost.  The expected investment horizon is 2 to 4 years.

The initial threshold investments have already been made and many properties are already owned by Devco Properties LLC.  Many of these units have been renovated and a large portion are already rented and generating income.

Devco Properties Investment Pool


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