Devco South – Who Are Devco South’s Investors?

Who Are Devco South’s Investors?

Over the years, Devco South and its affiliates have partnered with investors that have ranged from institutional types such as pension funds, insurance companies, investment funds, to private individuals whether local or overseas.  The ideal partner is really defined by the opportunity available at a given moment, its size, equity requirement, and schedule.  Some partners have more ability to raise substantial sums, while others (often smaller) can move faster, so it really depends on the deal, the partners and the opportunities.

What Sort Of Partnerships Does Devco South Enter Into?

Again, the partnerships have varied ranging from 50/50 partnerships to Limited Partnerships with numerous investment partners. 

For multi-million dollar investors, the ideal structure is really determined by the opportunity and the partners; some investors prefer having an equal position, while others are simply seeking a minority position in a passive investment.  Devco South is in discussion with large out-of-town investment firms looking for local expertise.

For accredited investors looking to place between a couple of hundred thousand and a million dollars, Devco South has also founded Devco Properties LLC, an investment fund to pool resources and target smaller assets that fall below the threshold levels of the bigger funds.  For more information regarding Devco Properties LLC, click here.

What Are The Investments Requirements?

The main requirement for a private individual is to be an “Accredited Investor”.  Otherwise, investments can range from $250,000 US for smaller opportunities and pools (funds), and could reach $20 US million.  As with other opportunities, the investment size is driven by the size of the acquisition.

Who Invests With Devco South?

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