Devco South – Why Invest With Devco South?

Why Invest With Devco South?

Although Devco South LLC is a new vehicle specifically organized to profit from the current market opportunities, the residential real estate market is not new to its principals.  In fact, developing residential real estate has been their daily focus for over 50 years, with three decades specifically in South Florida.

Can anyone not simply go and invest on their own and manage their own properties?  No doubt many can.  However, like in any serious business, there is an extensive and expensive learning curve.  Each state, county, city and market has its own rules.  While many mistakes can be terribly costly, there are ways to simply avoid them and save a lot of time and aggravation, such as investing together with well-established professionals.

Devco South is backed by the principals behind Eurodev LLC of Florida and Groupe Lepine from Canada.  They have earned their expertise many decades ago already from developing thousand of various units in Florida and elsewhere.

Because of their track record of successfully turning around dozen of properties during previous market corrections, Devco South has a network of contacts that often offer them some of the best opportunities before they even hit the market.

There have been many “bubble bursts” over the last 50 years, as well as many “golden” opportunities.  Devco South has developed its own expertise to analyze opportunities and put in place turn-around strategies to reposition and exit properties in the timeliest manner to maximize profits.

Devco South’s principals have a lengthy history of profitably managing real estate projects, investing their own funds as well as their reputation for the benefit of its financial partners.

Why Invest With Devco South?

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