Devco South – Why Invest In Distressed Real Estate?

Why Invest Now?

While many think the Florida real estate market took a dive in 2007, the fact is that when one analyses the statistics, the market really started its tumble much before this.  In fact, the dominoes started falling with the wave of hurricanes of 2005 – sales just fell apart then, and have not rebounded since.

Because of this, prices have dropped far below replacement cost.  Many properties, large and small, entry-level as well as luxury, are reselling at a fraction of what it would cost to rebuild the same size and quality dwelling.  This is most unusual, even when compared to previous cycles, making this a most unique opportunity.

It is important to understand that new construction also began grinding at a halt at the beginning of 2006.  So while it is true that speculation considerably inflated the inventory of dwellings built in Florida, the new supply has since ground to a halt.

More recently, since late 2008, many investors have begun taking market positions and acquiring houses and condos throughout Florida.  In fact monthly sales in Florida are on the rise almost every month since September of 2008. 

With the new incentive programs being launched by the federal government, it should be expected that this buying trend is about to surge even stronger.  With no new construction coming on line for at least two years (due to normal construction delays), it should also be expected that the inventory of available units is about to start receding.  Once the media announces this, then that will obviously be the end of the great deals.

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Why Invest Now?
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