Devco South – Why Invest In Distressed Real Estate?

Why Invest In Distressed Real Estate?

As in previous economic cycles, real estate values have dropped substantially from their values at the previous peak.  This is not a unique situation, as this happened in the early 1990’s, the early-to-mid 1980’s, and very severely in the mid-1970’s – perhaps some will remember free Cadillac’s being offered to those who bought a condo on the Galt Ocean Mile in Fort Lauderdale?

Such a downturn simply had not occurred in 15 years.  These are simply market corrections that are proportional to the level of speculation that drove the price increases.  Having witnessed substantial increases in the early 2000’s, this correction was to be expected.

Is it “lifetime opportunity”?  This depends at what stage one is in his life.  Nevertheless, no doubt it is THE acquisition opportunity for the next decade or more.

Why Invest In Distressed Real Estate?

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