Devco South – Why Invest In South Florida Real Estate?

Why Invest In South Florida Real Estate?

Because of its unique climate, for close to a century Miami has been the most favoured vacation destination in the US.  Thanks to the post WW2 development of the US highway system, South Florida also became the number one destination of retiring Americans with an average of 27% moving to Florida upon retirement. 

In the last few decades thanks to the advent of jet travel, South Florida then became the preferred second home market of wealthier North Americans.  Thanks to its more recent rebirth, Miami Beach has now become the most coveted destination for the young, the trendy and the International jet set vacationers. 

With the tremendous growth of cruise vacations, Miami and Fort Lauderdale have become the number 1 and 2 busiest cruise ports in the world.  Finally, over the last few decades South Florida has turned into the business and shopping capital for both South and Central Americas, and the Caribbean.

All these factors, combined with internal population growth and strong immigration (from Europe, Canada, Cuba, Haiti, South and Central Americas), have turned Florida into one of the fasting growing states in the USA. 

With such strong driving forces, there is little doubt that the demand for dwelling units of all type will rebound in the near future.

Why Invest In South Florida Real Estate?

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