Devco South publishes Information Bulletins to assist investors assess market opportunities.

Devco South publishes Information Bulletins from time to time to assist investors assess market opportunities.  These documents are now available for download in PDF format by clicking below. 

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InfoBullet Vol1 MI.pdf

Investing in the Florida Real Estate, Why Florida? Why Now?

Bulletin Vol2 DS.pdf

Who is Devco South? Its track record, What it does now

Bulletin Vol1 MI.pdf

Investir en immobilier en Florida, Pourquoi la Floride? Pourquoi maintenant?

Bulletin Vol2 DS.pdf

Qui est Devco South? Ses antécédents, Ce que Devco South fait

English Information Bulletins

Bulletins d’Information en Français

InfoBullet Vol3 Pl.pdf

The Bulk Deals are gone, yet there is still plenty of cherry picking available.  But how does one find the needles in the hay stack?

Bulletin Vol3 Pl.pdf

La pêche au gros est terminée, mais ils restent encore plein d’aubaines.  Mais comment faire pour en profiter?

InfoBullet Vol4 EP.pdf

Estimating Profit Potential – Market information as of February 2010

Bulletin Vol4 EP.pdf

Le marché en février 2010 – Comment estimer les profits